We geeks love our toys. ThinkGeek has
led an industry on new toys, but many of us revel in our old toys
as well. The quest to find the last comic in our collection, the
last Star Trek model, or an old first edition Heinlein novel can
be pretty compelling.

Darth Vader bank Say you’re looking for some crazy collectible. Maybe
it’s that Darth Vader coin bank that says “Impressive, most impressive”
when you give it a nickel. Where are you going to find this most
elusive of tchotchkes? (Yes, I know, they’re actually easy to

First place you look is on eBay. You go surfing around, and sure,
there are some Vader toys that are pretty cool, but not what you
want. You could make do with an R2-D2 bank, but again, it’s not
what you really want. You check Amazon Shops and Craigslist, but
come up empty there as well.

Are you going to say “Oh well, my Vader bank must not exist.” Of
course not!

You’re going to keep searching. You’ll scour the web, finding other
potential sources for your elusive quarry. You hit the streets,
visiting collectibles stores, talking to the people who work there,
asking if they have suggestions on what to score your treasure.
Plenty of stores don’t even post their goodies online.

Sometimes you stumble across an excellent score, and it feels like
you just lucked into your find. Fact is, if you weren’t out looking,
that “luck” wouldn’t have struck.

So why don’t job hunters treat their job hunts the same way?

Many job hunters get up in the morning, check Dice and CareerBuilder
and Monster, don’t find the job they want, and conclude “Nobody’s
hiring” or “There are no jobs I want.”

Or maybe they figure that they’ll go pursue a job that might be
interesting, but isn’t really what they want, settling for the R2-D2
bank instead of the Vader bank they really one.

You’ll call or email companies that you’d like to work for, and if
they’re not hiring, you’ll ask for suggestions on other places to

The big job boards are the eBays of job hunting. They’re the
first place you look, but rarely the last.

Don’t stop looking if you come up empty. Certainly you must not
conclude that because you haven’t found what you wanted in the
first, second or third place you’ve looked, that it must not exist

You don’t have to be so diligent in your hunt, but you’ll lose the
job opportunities to those who are.